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With a Minecraft server specifically tailored for RGU, we have something for everyone...

Many Worlds

With the 4 worlds available today, you're sure to find your thing from: Survival, Creative, Parkour, or just hang out in the Lobby. Explore Multi Worlds today.


Meet like-minded students. Build a base, face the Ender Dragon alone or as a team. Share creations on the Online Maps without running the game. Run by students for students.

Cross-platform Play

Play using the Java edition or Bedrock edition together. Find out more about the Bedrock Compatibility Layer so you can use the device that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coloured light beams focusing on a central point with spots of light surrounding.
How to Play
How to join RGUCraft walk-though
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RGUCraft Terms of Service
Worm's-eye view of the square minecraft survival world from a great distance.
Survival Map
The Survival world in your browser
Minecraft render shown in browser depicting: The RGU Sir Ian Wood building entrance from street view with street lights and wooden benches.
Creative Map
The Creative world in your browser
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Engage with the RGUCraft community
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How to Claim Land
Protect your creations


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RGU Computing Society

Computing Society

Infrastructure Support

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Gaming Society

Community & Minecraft Support

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School of Computing

Community Support

RGU Union


Project Oversight & Data Protection

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